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Do you have the required forms and letters needed to comply with the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) (sometimes referred to as the landlord tenant act).  You will need a variety of different forms and letters which address all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship.  A professional property management company will already have these forms and letters on file, and will be able to retrieve the right one quickly for any situation.  It is important to use the proper letter to address the particular situation at hand.


In order to remain in compliance with the RTA you will need, at least, the following forms:


· Residential Application Form

· Residential Rental Inspection Form

· Rent increase Notice

· Dispute Resolution

· Notice to End Tenancy

· Additional Forms


There are many other forms that are available and may be necessary to comply with the RTA.  Knowing which forms to use, and in which situations, will minimize legal problems.  A professional management firm will have the knowledge to perform this vital function of property management for you. 


Most of these forms will be in a format that allows you to use them without alteration.  Others may be customized to fit your particular requirements or situation.  In EVERY case it is important to make and keep copies of all forms and letters.  It is important to keep records of all correspondence with any tenant.  Simply doing this may help to avoid misunderstandings that may ultimately lead to legal action. 


Many situations that arise in a landlord-tenant relationship can be addressed by clear, written communication.  A qualified property management company has the experience to handle any and all situations, and will be well worth the investment.


At EasyRent taking care of the paperwork is our specialty. As an experienced and trusted Vancouver property management company we’re experts at the management process and can help you save time, energy and money by taking care of the details for you. Follow the link above to visit our landlord section today to learn more about our services and to speak with one of our team members.